This is, not if you are going to find a great graphical images. But it is there!


And I think that it is time to found the world’s Philip McCobb fantastic graphic designs, images and art. even if you have to buy a t-shirt or Skateboard to do it.


First a little about the artist.Philip is brought around the world. [1] [2] he was born in El Salvador, spent his early years in Japan, the Japanese comic books have been indoctrinated and television characters, then his great classical artists, as well as embedded in the teenagers When that starts in Italy. [1] [2] it is not surprising, he developed the eclectic style, the vibrant colors of the broad strokes are expressed in respect of the use of bold.


Then he was off to school, where he studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where his artistic skills were you find a graphic and a new level.


To make his formal education, he jumped from the commercial point of view of the world, where his art met in the real world, and those who saw it, loved it. Philip took over time his art through a series of styles, such as he developed he may express his creative ideas along the way he picked up on the Web. planning and processing of commercial print production projects online.


But at the same time continue to pursue and commercial images and pictures of his customers, Philip has started a new project plan and t-shirts and skateboard decks, which correspond to his love for the bold and innovative design.You can only imagine the t-shirts, which has a name in the Southwestern area of the Voodoo, Sky, Blue Whale and Trick or treat with Armadillo. his latest Skate deck on a ship named after the capitol of Texas at Austin, of that city and an excellent example of his current work on the dynamic representation.


So you have t-shirts and skateboard, or not, but appreciate the bold and the love of the innovative art, Philip website McCobb visit and see what he and his graphic art is a journey of love.